Natural Daylighting

Pfister Energy has worked with numerous companies whose goals were to reduce costs, increase the health and productivity of their workers, and improve the quality of their work spaces.

In addition to solar arrays and LED lighting, we propose the addition of daylighting into work spaces as a proven renewable energy technology that can:

  • eliminate approximately 2.5 million watts of electric lighting per year
  • result in a payback from energy savings alone in 2-5 years
  • cut energy use by $.50 or more per square foot
  • significantly affect the net operating income of a building or facility

Daylighting systems use a combination of technology and architecture to transform your building into a visible illustration of natural lighting and energy efficiency. By adding a daylighting system to your building, you can introduce natural, bright light to a work area, while significantly reducing power use. Allowing more daylight into workspaces is a proven renewable energy technology that saves money, increases health and productivity, and improves the quality of a workspace.

Types of Daylighting

Pfister Energy offers two types of daylighting – “passive” and “active.” Passive daylighting systems include specialized translucent window glazing and sophisticated skylight systems. Active daylighting systems add intelligent controls to skylight/well systems that are tied into your interior lighting system.


捕鱼大作战Daylighting can eliminate approx。 2。5 million watts of electric lighting per year, resulting in a payback from energy savings alone of 2-5 years。 The same retrofit may cut energy use by 50 cents or more per square foot, significantly affecting the Net Operating Income of a building or facility。


Daylighting installation is a mix of art and science due to building type and building orientation。 Pfister Energy will analyze you lighting needs depending on the building’s location, number of stories, orientation and computer use to determine which daylighting system best suits your facility。 We can incorporate daylighting units as a retrofit lighting system in your building’s existing architecture or install a daylighting system into new construction。

The addition of natural daylighting helped Humanscale improve productivity & raise employee satisfaction

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