Demand Response Management Systems

捕鱼大作战As demand for electricity rises, utilities and government agencies have designed programs to maintain grid reliability. One effective and financially-rewarding mechanism, demand response (DR), compensates companies for reducing or turning off their power during times of grid instability. For large and small commercial and industrial businesses that sign up for a DR program, this simply means that the company is paid to shut down power for a predefined period upon advance notification. This shutdown, when multiplied across many high volume energy users, reduces the overall draw on the power grid so that the utility can quickly respond to a temporary high demand condition. Most common demand response “events” occur on very hot humid days when the demand for electricity exceeds supply.

Businesses enrolled in DR programs are typically compensated by providing two essential services:

  • On-call availability to reduce power during normal business hours.
  • On-demand reduction of your facility’s power in a safe and preplanned order.

Compensation is based upon the exact program your company qualifies for, facility location and availability, and how much electricity you can reduce. As a result, you may receive a very rewarding monthly payment for being on standby plus additional payments if you reduce your energy usage on demand.

捕鱼大作战Pfister Energy works with you to select the appropriate program to fit your facility and operation. We will also design an effective and safe energy curtailment plan to minimize impact on day-to-day operations. We’ll also help you with the engineering, metering and verification, and program management that may be required upon enrollment. When a critical event is called, you will be ready and generously rewarded for the energy you cut.

In addition to the lucrative financial benefits for businesses that enroll, demand response:

  • Reduces the need for new power plants
  • Reduces air and water pollution caused by existing coal-burning power plants
  • Lowers utility operating costs which may lower electric rates
  • Improves the stability and reliability of the nation’s power grid
  • Prevents brownouts and blackouts
  • Makes environmental stewardship easy and profitable

If you’re a large power user, talk to Pfister Energy about selecting and setting up the optimal Demand Response program that helps the nation, helps the environment and creates a significant revenue stream for your bottom line.

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