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Are You Optimizing Your Parking Areas?

Pfister Energy is taking carports and canopies to a higher level by employing a “stackable technologies” approach. We have demonstrated that integrating two or more energy efficient solutions increases your monetary benefits and enhances sustainability efforts. Today, most parking structures serve to provide shade and protection from weather. Envision new parking structures that generate enough power […]

A look at an eco-friendly store

Introduction I was inspired to learn about TreeHouse, a smart and sustainable home improvement store in Austin, TX, whose commitment to eco-friendly home solutions goes beyond just talk. TreeHouse offers a variety of “green” products ranging from solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems, to toxin-free paint and furniture made from sustainable products. The Details The […]

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We made it as finalists in Energy 's 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards. Link to press release in bio.…